Introducing SDG (and Why We Are Launching a HoldCo)

Friends, customers, followers, employees, and partners:

This month we decided to launch a holding company, SDG, under which many of our existing and future companies/brands will operate. 

We’ve thrown together this blog post to answer any questions that may come up as we execute on this move.

What is SDG?

As mentioned, SDG (Smith Digital Group) will act as the parent brand/holding company of many of our existing companies and brands. 

Some companies/brands that will operate under SDG include:

We recently began investing excess capital into digital businesses we are really excited by. Going forward this will be primarily done via SDG.

Why we’re launching a holding company.

So..why are we launching SDG?

In the past year, the business which began with a primary focus on providing marketing services to Web3 companies has expanded significantly. 

We’ve found both our interests as well as capabilities now expand far beyond simply marketing awesome Web3 companies and continuing to do these things solely under the Coinbound name has begun to cause confusion with partners and clients. As such, making the move to separate the brand as well as operations into separate orgs makes a lot of sense. 

What’s the goal/mission of SDG?

the TLDR: build, buy, and invest in great digital businesses. 

The ultimate goal of SDG will be to create a powerful network of companies with complementary offerings that allow us to deliver better value and synergy to clients and team members. This also allows us to build teams of hyper-specialized experts which means we can deliver services across different industries while maintaining the ability to deliver unparalleled industry experience in each industry. 

As we’ve seen with Coinbound, it pays to be the best at one specific thing. We plan to extrapolate to be the best at multiple things. The way we can do that is via division of labor. Division of labor + access to shared knowledge and resources is the goal here. 

On the investment side, we will continue to invest excess capital into businesses we are excited by and feel complement our existing businesses. Beyond writing checks, we offer early stage companies a ton of help on the marketing side, which is something we often find Founders really find valuable. 

So, our model is: cash + access to marketing help + referrals from complementary businesses. We are super excited by this. 

What does the future of SDG look like?

The immediate future will not look very different that the past few months. I will continue operating as the CEO of the core businesses in which I am already holding that responsibility with the bulk of my time being spent on leading Coinbound, our first, and most successful business. 

In the mid-term, we may begin looking to offload these responsibilities to CEOs of each of SDG’s companies. 

Additionally, increased division and autonomy is planned for each entity. 

We are in talks with several groups regarding acquisitions as well. Which, if we move forward on, will operate under the SDG umbrella. 

A lot going on. All of which we are really, really excited by.

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