Smith Digital Group Rebrands to Nowbound, Aligning with Its Portfolio of Digital Brands

Nov 27th, 2023, New York, NY — Smith Digital Group, a prominent US-based holding company for a diverse range of digital marketing and media companies, last week announced its rebranding to Nowbound. This strategic shift reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and better aligns the parent company with its extensive portfolio, including its most prominent agency, Coinbound.

Embracing a Future-Focused Identity

The transition to Nowbound symbolizes a new chapter in the company’s journey, emphasizing its role as a leader and incubator for cutting-edge digital marketing and media brands. The new name, Nowbound, conveys the company’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving digital industry, embodying a future-focused, limitless approach to growth and innovation.

Continued Commitment to Excellence in Digital Solutions

As Nowbound, the company will maintain its commitment to excellence, ensuring that all its subsidiaries and brands continue to offer top-tier digital marketing and media services. Clients and partners can expect the same level of quality and innovation, with a renewed emphasis on exploring new frontiers in the digital landscape.

A Word from CEO Ty Smith

For nearly 5 years, we’ve delivered over 1,000 campaigns through our first agency, Coinbound. As such, most of our most important contacts know us under this name. We felt switching to a name that is more similar to Coinbound will help address any confusion.

Since day 1 we’ve been proud of the fact that we do things differently than most. We’ve proudly pursued industries that were “too early” for the mainstream, doing business in a way that’s anything but “the way its always been done”.

While I love having my family’s last name in our company name, Smith Digital Group reeks of boring, corporate speak. That’s just not us. We feel the Nowbound name better reflects our mission.

A small update. Our mission remains the same: build, buy, & invest in great digital businesses.

Built for Now. Bound for Greatness.

About Nowbound

Nowbound, founded in 2018 and formerly known as Smith Digital Group, is a holding company based in New York, specializing in owning and growing a portfolio of digital marketing and media companies. Nowbound’s brands include Coinbound, Clickstrike, Bitcolumnist, ContentGhost and more. Nowbound’s companies have delivered over 1,000 campaigns for clients across over 40 countries.

Media Contact:

Elizabeth Whiting

Head of PR

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